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8 Postcard Design Ideas that will Bring in Sales


Postcards are a cheap and effective way to get a consistent ROI, but you can’t just slap any generic border/background/text and expect people to pay attention to what you’re promoting.  Strong design always leads to more sales, so improve yours today with these fundamental design ideas:

1. Paint a Picture

It’s always going to come down to a strong image if you’re using a postcard to sell your brand.  If you pick an attention-grabbing picture, such as a poison dart frog, a red Ferrari, or a pretty business woman, then you’ve piqued the audience’s interest and now your pitch will reel them in.

2. A Balanced Theme

Clashing colors and ugly templates can turn someone’s head just as fast as your eye-catching image, so put as much effort into the color scheme as you do the rest of the postcard.  If you need help, consider hiring a graphic designer who knows how to work with colors and templates.

3. Fun Headlines

Most businesses could benefit from funny or creative headline usage.  Even the most professional of businesses could use some lighting up or clever pun usage.  You need something that will make the reader actually care about flipping over the postcard and hearing what you have to say.

4.Room to Breathe

If you’ve got text on busy backgrounds or borders on top of images, just stop what you’re doing and hire a professional.  If your postcard is not skimable or legible in under 3 seconds, then you’ve already lost the attention of the average passerby.

5. Short and Sweet

Work on streamlining your message to 100 words or less, preferably much less.  One catchy headline, your contact info, and one to two short sentences about your company.  That’s it.

6. Why you Matter

This is the part where you sell your message to the reader and get them to understand why your company is above the rest.  What do you offer that is noteworthy or better than competitors, especially those who have larger advertising budgets?

7. A Memorable Logo

If you haven’t put much time/money into your logo, then this is where you will get the biggest impact.  Along with your standout image, your logo should be easily identifiable and match your postcard’s theme perfectly.  Use it on both the front and back of your postcard, if possible.

8. Finish with a Strong CTA

Your call to action should be short, sweet, bolded, italicized, highlighted, and any other embellishment that will allow it to be easy to remember and pop from the paper.